family owned & operated

About us

Kris and Bek have over 12 years of onsite experience in carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning, water extraction and restoration work. Kris has the experience to help you with all your cleaning needs, so when you call you speak to an experienced cleaner, not just a salesman behind the counter!

Kris also has over 15 years in the commercial and specialised cleaning industry and is certified in general and timber pest control. Kris has also worked alongside with ITI of Advanced Specialised Equipment in teaching carpet and upholstery cleaning to help others within the industry. Kris is very passionate about the cleaning industry.

At Platinum we don’t just sell chemicals and products, but we also love to help others achieve their goals.

We are the distributor and dealer of name-brand chemicals and janitorial/restoration supplies, tools, and equipment for cleaning carpets, tile, wood, and upholstery – all available online or in store.

We are not just an online store we also offer onsite delivery of products within 50km of the midnorth coast.