Cleaning vomit stains from carpets is no easy task, but it’s a challenge many of us have faced, whether due to illness or an unfortunate accident. With the right tools and techniques, however, it’s possible to tackle this unpleasant mess and eliminate the stain, germs and the stubborn odour.

Cleaning Vomit: Protect yourself!

When dealing with vomit stains, it’s crucial to protect yourself and your clients from potential health hazards. Vomit contains substances like tannins and acids, creating an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Whether it’s from a sick child, a stomach flu, or a pet’s dietary mishap, prompt removal is essential to prevent bacterial growth and lingering odors.
By applying Thymox to the vomit stain prior to cleaning, you can safeguard against harmful bacteria, ensuring a hygienic environment. Thymox adds an extra layer of protection, as this highly adaptable, botanical, hospital-grade disinfectant derived from Thymol effectively eliminates harmful bacteria. With its outstanding safety profile, Thymox is suitable for use on virtually all surfaces, making it an invaluable tool in maintaining cleanliness and safety.


  • White terry towel – by using a white towel, no other pigment will bleed onto the carpet.
  • Wet Extraction Machine – Minor vomit stains can be blotted up, but has limited success on larger and severe spills. The quickest and most effective way is to use an extraction machine to ensure no vomit or chemical is left on the carpet.
  • Vomit Stain Removal Chemical – The most effective chemistry is an alkaline spotter as the stain being removed is an organic soil, in this case vomit, which is acidic. We highly recommend using Protien Spotter, as this product has powerful protein dissolving chemistry with wetting and penetrating technology for dissolving protein soils, releasing them from fibres and fabrics.
  • Spotting Brush – When agitating a carpet, don’t use the brushing motion as it will damage the carpet fibers. The best method is to tamp or firmly roll the brush over the stain as demonstrated in the video.
  • PPE – All the necessary PPE needs to be use when working with chemicals.

The Process

1. Remove Physical Vomit

2. Apply Protein Spotter

3. Agitate

4. Dwell For 5 Minutes

5. Rinse and Extract


  1. Preparation – Remove any excess physical vomit before starting cleaning process.
  2. Application – Liberally spray the Protein Spotter onto the vomit stain, making sure the fibers are completely wetted out.
  3. Agitation – Agitate the Protein Spotter in to the vomit stain by tamping up and down with a spotting brush to maximize penetration.
  4. Dwell – Allow a minimum of 5 minutes dwell time.
  5. Extraction – Rinse and extract the carpet with a wet extraction machine.
  6. Repeat – Treat any remaining stain using this same procedure but with Conquer O2.
  7. Shadow Removal – If a stain shadow still remains, apply the Conquer O2 to the affected area. Blot to remove excess moisture and allow to air dry. The residue Conquer O2 will continue to remove the stain.


  1. Application to delicate fibres and fabrics
    Do not spray the spotting solution onto the surface, but dampen a clean white absorbent towel and blot onto the surface.
  2. Replacement for Protein Spotter
    If the Protein Spotter is unavailable Oxyboost Plus can be used instead. Mix 15g Oxyboost Plus into 1Lt hot tap water. Add 10-30ml prespray and stir well. Use immediately.
  3. Cleaning wool or natural fibre carpets
    For wool carpets and delicate fibres rinse immediately with Rinse Pro to neutralise the alkaline Protein Spotter. Alternatively swop out Protein Spotter for Conquer.
  4. Wick back
    The chemical must penetrate right down to the base, as that is where the vomit  would have gone. If you don’t fully wet it out, as it dries the moisture will pull the stain back up to the surface, this is called wick back. called wick back. Additional care in the rinse extract step will also prevent wick back.
  5. Odour Neutralization
    Once the cleaning process has been completed the completed the vomit odour source will be removed. However, a light application of Deozyme, an odour remover and enzyme digester will eliminate any remaining trapped mal-odour molecules and molecules and organic matter that has been left behind.
  6. Dried vomit stain
    When dealing with dried vomit stains, remove as much as possible dry by scraping it away with a bone scraper or blunt knife. Then rehydrate the remainder before starting the cleaning process, removing as much excess with a spoon scraping into the middle of the stain. This can be done with Thymox botanically derived hospital grade disinfectant which will eliminate any harmful bacteria or virus still present in the stain.
  7. Disinfection
    Disinfection of the area is important and is completed by the Conquer O2 or Oxyboost Plus if used. If these solutions are not used, the area must be treated with Thymox as a residual solution to effectively eliminate micro-organisms.

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