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Bridgepoint Professional Spot & Stain Removal Kit

* Not Stain Removal Mystified – BUT – Stain Removal Simplified.
* Six Stain Removers and one Post Treatment solution take care of 99% of stains.

This kit contains everything in one professional kit to remove:
Permanent Inks, Organic dyes, Synthetic dyes, Cosmetics, Paint, Protein spills, Food, Rust, Gum, Adhesives and MORE!

New SPOT STOP – Stops Wicking – Drives residues DOWN the fiber – Prevents re–soiling and Removes odour

Kit contains:
Stain Zone (quart)
Red Zone Ready (quart)
T–Rust (pint)
Gel Break (pint)
Avenge Pro (12 oz.)
All Solv Extreme (12 oz.)
Spot Stop (quart)
Oversized Insulated Carry Case
Gum Getter
Cotton Towels (3)
Spot & Stain Removal Guide
Disposable Gloves (3 pair)
Training DVD



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Dimensions 42 × 32 × 42 cm