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Product DescriptionLeather conditioning cream.
Leather Conditioner is a unique stable cream, designed to restore leather to its soft, supple and fresh appearance and feel. Leather Conditioner rejuvenates the natural oils in leather and replenishes them. Mild conditioning agents ensure that the leather is effectively softened making it last longer, and making it feel smoother. Leather Conditioner helps the leather to resist scratches, cuts and scuffing.
Colour: Light tan
pH: 6 – 7
Fragrance: Spanish leather
Dilution: Ready to use
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 500ml & 5Lt
SKU: AP489.05

Restores old leather – Gentle and effective conditioning agents replenish the supply of natural oils making the leather supple and soft again
Mild pH – Mild pH means that while the leather is effectively conditioned, the leather will not be damaged.
Easy to use – Smooth creamy texture ensures that the solution stays in contact with the surface without running or drying out.
Two part pack – The two part pack (cleaner and conditioner) means that there is less chance of damaging the leather with harsh cleaning agents
Leather Conditioner is ideal to use on domestic and commercial leather upholstery, table cloths and garments. Pre-test before use.
Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals and dye stability.
Recommended for pigment coated leather.
Pre-inspect leather for cracking, stains, cuts, burns or other damage.
Not recommended for sueded leather
Ready to use (do not dilute)
Ready to use – no mixing required.
Clean leather using Leather Cleaner or Leather Cleaner HD before conditioning.
Apply a small quantity of Leather Conditioner onto a clean, damp, white terry towel.
Gently condition a small area of leather at a time. Gently spread the conditioner over the area and allow 5 minutes for penetration.
Wipe away excess and buff surface to a dry finish with a clean towel.

Do not over use. Repeated light applications are better than one heavy application.

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