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Oxyboost Plus is an oxygenated additive for destaining, cleaning & deodorising.

Actichem’s Oxyboost Plus is a super concentrate, oxidising compound designed for use as both an additive to cleaning solutions and a stand-alone product. Oxyboost Plus provides powerful oxidising activity to cleaning solutions with particular application in fire restoration, stain removal and deodorising. It derives its oxidising capability from potentiated Sodium Percarbonate which provides maximum oxygen release even at ambient temperatures.
The ready-to-use solution of Oxyboost Plus yields an alkaline solution and therefore provides unique solutions for both hard and soft surface cleaning applications where the oxidising ability of Hydrogen Peroxide is limited.

Colour: White (powder)
pH: 8
Fragrance: None
Dilution: 10 – 20 grams per litre of ready to use chemical
Safety profile: Class 5.1 Oxidising Agent


  • Stain Removal – OxyBoost Plus will provide powerful stain removal action on stains which other stain removers leave behind. Especially on tannins, coffee, colour stains such as fanta, cordial, grass stains, and many organic stains such as blood.
  • Fire Restoration – Oxyboost Plus oxidises the micro smoke particles in fire restoration clean-ups, reducing or eliminating smoke shadows, greying and tough odour problems
  • Polyolefin Carpets – Oxyboost Plus overcomes the difficulties associated with returning the “brightness” to olefin carpets. Especially in traffic lanes.
  • Brightens Colours – OxyBoost Plus will enhance and brighten the colours of fabrics and carpets and overcomes dullness and greying.
  • Deodorisation – OxyBoost Plus provides exceptional elimination of virtually all known bacteria and microorganisms. This incredible benefit teamed up with its ability to oxidise non-bacterial odour sources such as smoke particles, makes Oxyboost Plus unique in its odour removal performance.


Safe and ideal for use on practically all water cleanable surfaces, including painted walls, ceilings, carpets, soft furnishings, lacquered wood, metals, tiles, lino, natural stone and concrete. Care should be exercised on pH sensitive substrates such as natural fibres. It is recommended that cleaning is followed by a neutralising acid rinse.


Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals. Observe all safety directions and read the SDS before use.


  • Add 10-20g Oxyboost Plus per litre of water or ready to use cleaning solution.
  • For heavy duty conditions, up to 30g per litre can be added.
  • Oxyboost Plus should not be added to acidic solutions, deodorisers, chlorine or enzyme products.
  • Oxyboost Plus can be added to fire restoration detergents, carpet & upholstery presprays, alkaline tile cleaning detergents and water based degreasers.
  • Warm or hot water/cleaning solutions will improve performance.
  • Stir well and use solution within 30 minutes.


Hard surface & carpet cleaning applications:
Cover areas not being cleaned. Only apply solution to an area which can be cleaned and rinsed within 30-40 minutes. Follow typical hard surface, carpet & fire restoration cleaning techniques.

  1. Apply the solution to a workable area using a sprayer, sponge or scrubber machine.
  2. Agitate and allow 15 to 30 minutes dwell time.
  3. Rinse the surface thoroughly using clean water. Carpets and soft furnishings are best rinsed using carpet wet extraction equipment using a 1:100 Rinse Pro solution.

Spot removal from carpets and fine stone:
Add Oxyboost Plus to a warm/hot prespray or tile cleaning solution (non-acidic). Neutral pH product solutions generally work best. The Oxyboost Plus solution can also be made up using water only.

  1. Apply the solution to the affected area.
  2. Agitate and allow 15 to 30 minutes dwell time and re-agitate.
  3. Rinse the surface thoroughly using clean water. Carpets and soft furnishings are best rinsed using wet extraction carpet equipment with a 1:100 Rinse Pro solution.

Tip: Spot removal from marble and porous, hard surfaces can also be achieved by applying one scoop of OxyBoost Plus powder direct to the surface. Apply a little hot water and using a non-scratch scourer mix and scrub to form a paste over the spot. Allow 10-15 minutes dwell time. Scrub again and rinse with clean water.

Garments & loose furnishings:
Ensure items are water washable. Pre-check for special washing directions provided by the manufacturer.

  1. Mix up a soak solution of 200 to 500ml Fire Fix per 10Lt of warm/hot water (or commercial laundry liquid/powder). Add 50-100g OxyPlus. Mix well.
  2. Soak affected garments and loose furnishings for 1 to 4 hours.
  3. Rinse well in clean warm water.
  4. Garments suited to machine washing should then be laundered as normal. Loose furnishings should be rinsed in a warm 1:200 solution of Rinse Pro.

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