Foam Gun


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Foam Gun adds to your detailing routine by delivering a superior pre-wash treatment that reduces the risk of scratching and marring the surface during your contact wash. Foam Gun is compatible with any garden hose, giving you a wet coating of foam straight from the comfort of your home.

The Foam Gun applies a wet foam that pre-washes your car's paintwork, effectively loosening and lifting dirt and grime before your contact wash. This pre-wash stage assists in minimizing the risk of scratches and marring, ensuring a safer and more thorough clean.

The wide-fill Foam Gun cannister simplifies refilling with a larger opening to reduce spillage, while the clear PET canister provides a clear view of the Snow Foam level, allowing you to monitor and control the level of Snow Foam to water.

The Foam Gun has a detachable hose that disconnects from the cannister to rinse the foam off your car. Effortlessly transition from applying foam to rinsing it away without hassle.

Foam Gun comes with an adjustable foam control switch that offers five levels of foam thickness, allowing you to control the thickness of foam to your optimal coverage.

Featuring high-quality brass fittings that enhance its longevity and performance, these fittings ensure a secure and leak-free connection to your garden hose, providing reliability during each use.


  • Connects straight to your garden hose
  • Wide foam canister to fill and clean
  • Clear PET foam canister
  • High quality brass fittings
  • 5 dial foam control
  • Creates softer, wet foam
  • Spray trigger that separates from canister


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