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Lavender Pro is a highly concentrated professional strength prespray detergent designed to provide contractors with a high quality, top performing cleaner for less money than you would think. It is ideal for tackling heavily soiled and greasy carpets in a wide variety of applications including homes, offices, institutions and industry.

Colour: Purple
pH: 9 – 9.5
Fragrance: Lavender
Dilution: 1:32
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 5Lt & 20Lt


  • Soil Suspension – Based on new technology surface wetting and emulsification technology Lavender Pro cuts through heavy grease, oils and tracked in soils with amazing ease.
  • A Versatile Option – One solution for cleaning heavy or lightly soiled carpets in applications varying from family homes to large government schools, to thrashed out rentals.
  • Fibre Safe – Ideal for use on virtually all carpet fibres including wool. Meets the specifications for use on 5th generation stain resistant carpet.
  • Safety First – Low VOC profile which means no unwanted, unpleasant vapours. This is complimented by it’s outstanding low toxicity and OH&S ratings.
  • A Pleasure to Use – Designed for easy use through pump-up or hydroforce sprayers and fragrances the area with a fresh clean lavender scent.


Lavender Pro is a lavender fragranced prespray for steam cleaning of carpets.

Safe and ideal for use on practically all water cleanable carpets.

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