Luxury Shampoo Kit

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Our luxury shampoo kit gives you everything needed to wash your car


  • Luxury Shampoo
  • Platinum Wash Mitt
  • Cyclone Drying Towel

Luxury shampoo

  • PH neutral/biodegradable
  • Suited for foam gun and bucket wash
  • Melon flavour
  • Gently removes dirt and debris
  • Polymer blend

Our polymer boosted luxury shampoo delivers a high soap blend that lubricates the surface of your paint to prevent scratching and swirling.


Platinum Wash Mitt

  • Double sided wash mitt
  • Wrist strap to keep wash mitt secure
  • Soft/Plush design
  • Suited for 2 bucket wash or snow foam treatment
  • Safely agitates and removes dirt from your car’s surface

Our platinum wash mitt with soft padding will gently remove dirt and road grime from your paints surface


Cyclone Drying Towel

  • 1200GSM
  • Dual sided for maximum water absorption
  • 90cm x 70cm size
  • Edgeless, twisted loop microfibre
  • Reduces streaking and water spots

And our cyclone dry towel with a high level of water absorbency, its twisted loop fibres and edgeless finish safely dry without causing streaking



Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 37 × 28 × 11 cm


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