Salty Captain 4wd Starter Kit

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Upgrade your 4WD cleaning routine with the 4WD Starter Kit. With its powerful nozzles, advanced anti-rust formulation, and convenient hand mitt and towel, you can ensure a thorough and safe wash for your off-road adventures. Say goodbye to mud, grime, and the worries of rust and corrosion. Get your 4WD ready for the next thrilling journey with the 4WD Starter Kit!
This Bundle Includes:
1L 4WD Wash: This high pH-12 anti-corrosion formula, works to safely remove dirt and grime from your 4WD.
2-in-1 Wash & Flush Captain’s Musket: The ultimate all-purpose cleaning solution for your vehicle.
Microfibre Hand Mitt: Soft and absorbent mitt for gentle cleaning.
Microfibre Oversized Towel: Perfect for drying and polishing surfaces.
Things You Should Know!
- The 2 included Nozzles: Jet away mud and grime, then switch to the foaming nozzle for a safe and effective wash.
- You'll be keeping your offroad beast highly protected when you wash your 4WD with this detergent that prevents rust and corrosion. Our advanced pH-12 concentrated Mud Wash formula is aggressive with lifting caked-on mud and red dirt but gentle on coatings when diluted with water.
- You'll be able to Easily wash and dry your vehicle with the included hand mitt and towel.
Find a cool, shaded area to wash your car or 4WD out of direct sunlight.
Fill the musket canister with 50-90 ml of detergent.
Shift the mode handle on top of the musket to the water only, allowing water to remove any loose salt, sand or grime on the top of the vehicle before foaming the vehicle.
Wash the Wheels with Salty Automotive Wheel Wash (Follow wheel wash instructions).
Cover one half of the vehicle with Foam by shifting the mode handle to Foam + Water.
Rinse the Salty Automotive Wash noodle with soapy water and begin the agitation process (Don’t press the wash noodle hard into the body, the weight of your hand should be sufficient enough).
Don’t let the suds dry on the vehicle.
Rinse the suds off with fresh water by adjusting the mode handle to water only.
Work your way around the vehicle and repeat steps 6,7 and 8 until the whole vehicle has been cleaned.
Completely dry the vehicle with an XL microfibre dry towel.

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