Snow Gun with Adaptor


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Snow Gun provides maximum performance and coverage that creates a thick blanket of foam to ensure the most effective and thorough pre-wash treatment for your car.

Seamlessly attaching to your pressure washer, it produces a powerful and full coverage application, blanketing your car in a thick and clingy foam. The pre wash will reduce scratching and marring on your paintwork by dragging majority of the dirt and road grime of the paint surface.

Snow Gun has high-quality brass fittings that ensure a secure and leak free connection to your pressure washer, built to withstand rigorous use. With a twist trigger on the top used to control the flow of foam being sprayed, the twist tip controls the spread of coverage that is applied to your car.

The heavy duty PET bottle has a wide-mouth design that simplifies the refill process, ensuring ease of filling that reduces spillages. And with measurements marked on the side of the bottle to give a consistent mixing ratios for optimal foam thickness.


  • High quality brass fittings
  • Ergonomic bottle design
  • Adjustable foam pressure
  • Wide spread coverage producing thick foam
  • Measurements displayed on the canister
  • Heavy duty PET bottle



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