Wagon Burner – Pow Wow Neutralising Rinse & Conditioner

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Pow Wow Neutralising Rinse & Conditioner

Pow Wow Neutralising Rinse & Conditioner neutralises the alkalinity bringing it to a neutral 7 pH. Pow Wow has an anti-re-soiling agent in it to ensure carpets stay cleaner longer.

A professional quality carpet and upholstery fibres rinse. Mildly acidic formula neutralises soils, detergent residues, alkaline residues, ice melt deposits, urine salts and odours. Excellent for stain resistant residential carpeting as well as commercial carpet. Leaves all carpeting types clean, soft and fresh smelling with no tacky residue. Suitable for use in extraction rinse tanks or sprayer applications. Quickens drying time and leaves a pleasant fragrance behind. Stabilises and enhances colours and dyes to reduce bleeding. Safe on machinery. Will not clog spray nozzles or cause buildup in lines.

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Weight 3.78 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 120 cm

WB Tomahawk Tub (7lbs/3.1kg), WB Tomahawk Mini Tub (2lbs/907g)