Wash Mitt


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Our Wash Mitt takes control of your contact wash, capturing and safely agitating the surface as it maintains the integrity of your paintwork.

Our Wash Mitt is made up of high-quality microfibre materials, designed to provide an effective detailing process without compromising your paintwork. The soft fibres trap dirt, effortlessly lifting it off the surface without scratching or damaging your cars paintwork. With superior control and comfort during the detailing process, it integrates the elastic band for wrist control, ensuring a secure fit to prevent the mitt from slipping off your hand.

The Wash Mitt safely agitates the surface, shifting dirt and road grime without causing scratches or marring. It Captures dirt within the microfibres without pushing it back through your car’s paintwork, ensuring a flawless finish after every wash.

Engineered for durability, this Wash Mitt is washable and reusable, maintaining the quality of your contact wash. Its resilient construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable and long-lasting addition to your detailing arsenal.


  • Double sided wash mitt
  • Wrist strap to secure wash mitt
  • Soft/ plush design
  • Suited for 2 bucket wash or snow foam treatment
  • Safely agitates and removes dirt from your cars paintwork

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