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Our Wheel Cleaner is a powerhouse solution for the toughest buildup. It’s a safe and effective formula that’s designed to tackle brake dust and road grime buildup without the harshness of acidic cleaners. The alkaline based formulation ensures a comprehensive breakdown of stubborn break dust and contaminants, effortlessly lifting and dissolving the toughest residues, keeping your wheels and tyres in immaculate condition.

Helping with preserving the aesthetics and integrity of your wheels, it ensures nothing but optimal performance. The alkaline-based formula offers several benefits, it effectively breaks down brake dust, and with regular maintenance will prevent drastic buildup on your wheels. Additionally, it targets road grime, grease, and other tough residues that accumulate from everyday driving, restoring your wheels to their pristine condition.

Elevate your wheel care routine with our Alkaline-Based Wheel Cleaner which provides a safe, effective and reliable solution for achieving spotless wheels that look as good as new. Pair with our wide range of tyre brushes to agitate the surface safely to optimise your results.


  • Lifts break dust and grime
  • Acid Free Formula
  • Spray and leave for 30 seconds before agitating
  • If needed, agitate with a wheel brush
  • Do not use on raw aluminium or painted wheels
  • Australian made



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