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Our Alloy Brush is the ultimate solution for a thorough clean for your wheels. Crafted with split bristles for a soft touch, an ergonomic handle and also designed for a comfortable + efficient application.

The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold and use. With a strong plastic handle and textured grip, it reduces the strain on your hands and wrists while cleaning. It's designed to effectively remove break dust, dirt, mud and road grime off the surface of your wheels, providing a safe application.

The split bristle design ensures a more delicate approach that won't scratch, damage or mar the surface of your alloy wheels. Suited for delicate surfaces it helps with maintaining the appearance and integrity of your wheels without compromising the surface.


  • Soft split bristle design
  • Ergonomic handle and textured grip
  • Removes dirt, mud and road grime
  • Safe to use on alloys and other delicate areas

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