Luxury Shampoo


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Luxury shampoo is a highly effective, PH neutral formula that’s takes advantage of advanced polymer technology. Going beyond traditional car cleaning methods by taking advantage of its high soap blend, ensuring a safe application without jeopardizing your car’s paint.

The polymer boosted formula is designed to effortlessly lift dirt, grime, and contaminants from the surface without compromising your car's paint. Using its high soap blend to create a protective barrier on the vehicle's surface, capturing dirt and preventing it from scratching or damaging your car’s surface.

Luxury Shampoo also forms a hydrophobic barrier between your car's paintwork and the elements. Providing long lasting protection that assist with repelling dirt and dust that would adhere to your cars paint .It is also safe to use on pre existing coatings and polishes. The result is a lasting, head-turning shine and prolonged protection to your cars paintwork. Utilising a two bucket wash method will get the best results for your car.


  • PH neutral/ biodegradable
  • Suited for bucket and foam gun applications
  • Polymer Boosted Wax
  • Gently removes dirt, dust and contaminants
  • Melon Flavour
  • Australian Made

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