Bastion 18 Litre Regular Duty Bin Liners, Black – 10 Rolls/100

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18 Litre Regular Duty Bin Liners, Black - Carton/1000 - 10 Rolls/100

Bastion Regular Duty Bin Liners: Affordable Strength for Everyday Waste

Bastion Regular Duty bin liners provide a reliable and budget-friendly waste disposal solution for homes and small businesses. These black 18L liners are sturdy enough for everyday trash, making them ideal for small pedal bins, bathroom wastebaskets, and office paper bins.


  • Affordable and Durable: Bastion liners offer a balance of cost-effectiveness and strength for general waste needs.
  • Versatile Size: The 18L capacity comfortably handles waste from smaller rooms and office spaces.
  • Convenient Quantity: The 200-count pack ensures you'll have plenty of liners on hand for replacements.
  • Opaque Black Color: Hides unsightly waste contents.

Use Cases

  • Small Kitchen Pedal Bins: Perfect for under-the-counter bins.
  • Bathroom Wastebaskets: Keeps bathroom bins hygienic.
  • Office Paper Bins: Handles discarded papers and light office waste.

Experience no-fuss waste disposal with Bastion Regular Duty Bin Liners!