Corner Guard Wall Protector


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Corner Guard Wall Protector

Corner guards protect your customer’s wall corners and prevents costly claims! These Corner Guards prevent hoses from damaging paint or wall coverings as they go around corners. Creates a powerful positive Moment of Truth and eliminates costly claims and repairs. Three are enough for most residential jobs. Made of unbreakable lightweight non-marking plastic.

Corner Guard has these valuable features:

– Gentle Rounding on Corner: This allows the hose to round the corner with less grabbing action keeping the Corner Guard in place especially when used on door jams.

– Tall Sleek Profile: Not only does the Corner Guard look nice it’s taller than comparable products to help prevent the hose from riding over the top.

– Rounded Bottom Edges: With the rounded edges the bottom plate allows the hose to glide over the corner guard without catching.

– Carpet Grabbing Lip: The bottom side that comes in contact with the floor has a carpet grabbing edge that keeps the Corner Guard in place.

– Optional Rubber Feet: These peel-and-stick rubber feet help hold the Corner Guard in place when it is used on hard floors.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 42 cm


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