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The Peerless activ SRA screen printed empty spray bottle comes complete with atomiser trigger 500ml. Compatible and designed for dispensing Activ SRA HD (PJ003).

The Activ Soil removing agent is a heavy-duty spray that cleans benches, splashbacks, exhaust hoods, tiled and greasy surfaces. Formulated from Peerless JAL’s patented “Activ Positive Emulsion Technology”, the solution has been produced specifically for the removal of soap scums, dirt and soilage from tiles. glazed bricks, porcelain and shower screens. Part of the high performing 1-7 series, the Activ SRA spray can be easily identified by colour and number.


  • Designed for dispensing Activ SRA
  • 500ml refillable bottle with atomiser trigger
  • Easily identified by colour and number

Directions for Use;

  1. For best results use with Peerless JAL’s Microfibre cloths and/or mops
  2. Prepare the desired cleaning solution strength making sure either cold or warm water is used.
  3. Apply Activ S.R.A solution on the cloth or directly onto the surface.
  4. Wipe surface – change cloth sides when heavily soiled.
  5. Rinse cloth with fresh water, ring out thoroughly and repeat.
  6. For general use dilute Spray & Wipe Cleaning 1 part to 10 parts water or 100ml per litre to Spray & Wipe
  7. For Manual Mop Cleaning dilute 1 part to 40 parts water or 25ml per litre to Spray & Wipe
  8. For Automatic Machine Scrubbing dilute 1 part to 60 parts water or ~17ml per litre to Spray & Wipe
  9. For Cut back 1 part to 20 parts water


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